About Us

Zaic Design started in a small tatami room in Tokyo making robot parts on a home-made CNC milling machine.

Our team has grown to include a group of world class designers who produce stunning conceptual artwork and product designs, which we engineer and prototype here in Princeton, New Jersey.

Our goal is to be the bridge between Art and Engineering for local businesses.  We are fully committed to helping you overcome your product development hurdles in any way we can.

Let us know how we can assist you! 

Product Design/Conceptualization : We work closely with your Business Development team to bring your product ideas to life with photo-realistic images that can generate interest from your investors and internal decision makers.

Product Prototyping : We work with your Product Management team to move from concept images to physical prototypes, with functional buttons and presentation quality finishes. We give you indispensable tools to get the feedback you need from partners and early adopters. 

Product Engineering and Sourcing : We work with your Engineering team to refine prototypes into fully functional products, ready for the market. We help you to make the key industry connections you need to get your product out the door at your target price. 

Marketing : We are there to provide all the images, animations or photographs you need for your social media streams and online marketing platforms. We can even design your trade show booth!

We have found that developing close relationships with a small number of local clients allows us to keep our fees to a minimum, reduces lead times, and allows us to be on-site within hours, whenever we are needed. 

The end result is excellent value and premium customer service, for a select few companies. 

We would love to hear about your project!

Contact us at yumi@zaicdesign.com or chris@zaicdesign.com 

Services Offered

  • Industrial design 
  • Product visualization / rendering 
  • Detailed mechanical engineering
  • In-house CNC machining, Laser Cutting, and SLA rapid prototyping
  • Presentation Grade Virtual and Physical Prototyping
  • Sourcing for offshore CNC / injection molding / sheet metal stamping
  • Marketing content 

What Our Customers Say About Us

“Chris is fantastic to work with!  He is passionate and dedicated to his clients and projects.  Chris’s meticulousness and consideration throughout his creative process makes it a pleasure to work with him.  He provides valuable creative expertise and delivers beyond our expectations.  I would recommend Zaic Design to anyone looking for a quality partner with innovative ideas.”

Susan Bunting
Director of Marketing- Consumer Solutions

“Chris and Yumi provide a perfect combination of creativity and technical expertise for our creative design projects. They take the time to understand our needs, work closely with us to arrive at the best approach, and deliver solutions that exceeds our expectation. I would recommend Chris and Yumi to anyone who is looking for creative design work.”

Qian Eschbach
Global Director of Branding and Marketing Services

“Chris Zaic is a very talented design engineer whom I’ve had the extreme privilege of working with on many projects through the years. He excels in his ability to transform our conceptional thinking into spot on renderings with a great grasp of current engineering capabilities combined with a solid marketing foundation. Being in the business for over 30yrs I have found, his continued value added solutions with in house prototyping and presentation model capabilities has made his services a very cost effective addition to any business model.”

Kevin Koehler
R&D Global Procurement Manager

“Chris has provided outstanding work to Datacolor for several of our flagship products – from conceptual design to deep-level mechanicals. He has consistently resolved very difficult engineering challenges with elegant solutions that meet design requirements and are satisfying to the end user.”

Brian Levey
VP, Marketing

“I would recommend Chris to anyone in need of a mechanical/industrial design service. His thoughtful attention to the smallest detail resolved critical issues at a speed that we found remarkable. Excellent work.”

Diane Geisler
Director, Global Market and Product Management

"Chris offers a rare combination of artistic sensibility, mechanical design expertise, and oversees manufacturing experience, which has been an excellent fit for our needs. I recommend his design services without hesitation. "

Tae Park
VP, R&D and Operations

"Chris is an excellent mechanical engineer. Anytime an obstacle was discovered he was always ready with new ideas and solutions. His design and production of the fixtures we used was excellent. It was much easier having Chris make many of the parts since he understood the operation and was able to adapt quickly. Chris always listened to different opinions and he never got tied down to a specific option even though it was his own idea. A big part of the reason we advanced so rapidly was the ability of Chris to both design and manufacture specific fixtures and parts quickly and accurately.

I would highly recommend Chris for any future project in Datacolor. If I was starting a new company, Chris would definitely be one of my first hires.”

Bill Binder
Color Technology Manager