wood grain


A New Direction

After 5 years of working for myself, I finally made a decision to take a full time job. Zaic Design will continue to operate as a small team of talented contractors, with high level oversight from me. 

The reasons for this are twofold: 

1. I have become interested in learning how to design with wood, including all aspects of the process; structural assembly best practices, properties of wood species, and especially the finishing steps needed to bring a product to market. 

2. I want to have some steady income while my tools and prototyping equipment ship from Japan. 

Why the new obsession with natural materials? 

I am 40 years old this year. I am looking back on a career of designing things that have very limited useful lifespan. I have had a hand in most of Datacolor's current product line, in one way or another, but I am very conscious that those kinds of products will soon become obsolete, replaced by new tech. 

Something in me wants to get away from plastic and circuit boards, to design beautiful things that will last a lifetime, or longer. 

This desire led me to apply for a position with an interesting company, maybe the only one of its kind in the world. 

Located in the unlikely city of Hillside, NJ, Pollaro Custom Furniture is a diamond in the 'rough' that is the greater Newark area. 

You can read about the owner and CEO Frank Pollaro here. 

It is quite possible that the team he has assembled is the best in the world at what they do, which is to outfit super yachts, CEO offices, and private residences of clientele who only accept the absolute best of everything. 

With a staff of weathered wood workers, many of whom have left their own private carpentry businesses behind to come work for Frank, flawless works of art are slowly shaped and coaxed into existence, against all odds. Seeing these masters at work boggles the mind.

If my goal is to learn the basics of woodworking while getting reestablished in the US, I stand a very good chance with my choice of employers. This will be an amazing trip. 


Chris Zaic