Happy family from Mandalay Myanmar


Family and Friends

We were walking down a barely paved street with open gutters on each side in Mandalay, Myanmar. We were greeted with these beautiful smiles around us, the ones you see in this picture. Then we noticed a truck zoom by with about 30 people being carried on their way home from work. Some of them waved at us and said "Hello!" with big smiles. Why are they so happy? They just worked all day, probably in physically demanding situations, and got crammed into a pick-up truck with 30 other people. Where does your social energy come from? Aren't you tired and crabby by this time of day? Then it hit us, they probably spent their whole day chatting about something and nothing with their friends while working. The more time we spend with others, the more experiences we share, the closer we become to the point of finishing each other’s sentences.  Whatever we need to get done in our day, if we can do it with our close friends, then it would be a pretty good day wouldn’t it? This lesson will stick with me for a long time.


Enjoy spending time with your loved ones during this holiday season!

Yumi Zaic